Time is Gold

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I didn’t realize it until after we celebrated New Year’s eve and faced with the reality that time is creeping. Yes, I only have less than 3 weeks to make everything happen–everything academically related.  In less than 2 months I will be graduating, finally.. hopefully. I know almost everyone in our class is already gushing for time , more time.  Few weeks left and we’re good to go. I can’t believe we’re leaving. But for now we have to finish well.


done with Pillows. Now, charity posts?

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Everybody in Facebook must have been hit with a pillow? I thought it was cute and really sweet at first because it seemed that they remember you for a random reason. But I was wrong. Gradual flooding at first and before I knew it, it had already eaten half of my profile space.  GRR.

Didn’t they notice how it irritates us, FACEBOOK users??

After recovering from Pillows, FB invented another application, a cause for the victims of the earthquake. They say that a click would generate funds. I know people would want to help so there, CLICK and notify other friends.

Yesterday, my profile had 10 notifications of the same thing. It’s not that I am against charity actions and if a click would make a difference then why not. But, it is becoming like the pillows, soon it would irritate everybody again.

I know it is meant to help but too much of something is bad enough. Just a thought. There are many ways in which we can help and I know it would reward us all in the end.  I am very willing to contribute and help them but please stop the pillow-ish approach.

Few days before Christmas

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It’s just a few days before my favorite season and yet I still can’t feel it. If not for Christmas runthroughs and parties I wouldn’t even realize that it’s 2 weeks away.

I am not yet in the mood for presents-preparation and still don’t have an idea what to give my friends.

and I have a wishlist that is far from reality. Yes, too far :))

But even if I can’t really feel Christmas is coming, I still feel that it’s the most special  and different one for me. “The Power of a year” I told myself a year ago when I was still in search of a happy heart. God’s year is really powerful. So many wonderful things happened all because of God’s mercy and favor.

So even if I don’t get presents on the 24th and 25th, it’s okay. I  know God has the best gift for me. It’s something I don’t know yet, but I know it will make me happy.

While waiting for Christmas, I’m excited to attend our batch Christmas party, UP lantern parade, friends’ Christmas parties.

and I am most excited to see the 2009 Candlelight communion.

COP Candlelight communion

Things I really want to do.

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Well these are some random things that I enjoy doing:

1. Visit beauty shops and drug stores

I enjoy reviewing and comparing products. If it works for me I recommend it to my friends. I just feel proud every time I recommend something and it works for them.

I love smelling and touching beauty products, I know it’s weird but it removes the day’s stress.  I don’t know what to call this addiction? I don’t know but I collect lotions, body wash and perfumes. All that can be applied to the body and face. That’s why I get too happy whenever they give me those as gifts.

that’s why I enjoy watching  MICHELLE PHAN on youtube, she does makeup tutorials, beauty tips and product review. You have to visit her channel and subscribe ( I’ll subscribe soon!)

though it’s fun to do it’s rather expensive hobby because you have to try everything before you can recommend it.

2. Supermarket and grocery trips

The newly opened Rob, well it’s not that new since it opened few months ago, well it’s new for me. The thing is, it’s just so inviting. When I am inside the grocery I feel comforted and relaxed, I love buying simple things, comparing ingredients and reading labels.

That’s why Ping and I love to do groceries after class or after a very stressful day. We buy stuffs we don’t even need sometimes. haha.

3. Powerbooks and National bookstore trips

Since I love reading and books, whenever I’m bored, I go these places.  Nothing beats a hard bound flipping pages of a book, even if they hand me with free ebooks.

I know some of what I’ve written are weird, but they make me happy. These simple pleasures sometimes make life more enjoyable.


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Last Saturday ( November 28) I had the chance to see old friends and high school batch mates.  It’s good to see old faces, it reminds me of memories whether good or bad. The thing is, when I was in high school I thought I knew everything, that I am mature enough to handle relationships and understand emotions, that I am capable to handle complex problems.. that’s what I thought.

When I reached my 20’s my perspective changed, no longer I was too idealistic as I became practical and logical. The things I wanted changed same with my interests. When I was 16 I was selfish about what I wanted to be in the future, but as I reached the line of 2 I had to live according to what life has been teaching me.

Life gives lessons, and it’s just right that as we age we also mature in all aspects. not the other way around.

I just decided to come days before the day itself, because I was waiting on Gia to confirm her attendance and duty schedule.

Most of my closest high school friends are abroad so it’s quite saddening because they missed this reunion.


fourth year classmates


with Psycho Gia, we used to call each other psycho because we used to do crazy weird things then.


after party chill along Ayala

though Gia and I had to leave early, it was nonetheless a very successful reunion because of the attendance and the fun.

I miss high school.




AMCHAM experience

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Ogilvy PR

1. American Chamber of Commerce- Business Orientation Program

During my Internship at Ogilvy, I was given an opportunity to be at the AMCHAM- BOP American Chamber of Commerce, Business Orientation Program. This was my real first task–alone because Bea, my co-intern had another assignment.  I had to go with the chosen students as they listen to speakers and visit multi-national companies such as Citibank, Chevron and Ogilvy.

I was tasked to blog afterwards. Real deal blogging for a PR agency. I was not a blogger (then, , but I tried my best. Here’s the link:


Before letting me go to this assignment, Sir Ed told me that this was also a ” Test of assertiveness” because I need to interview and take pictures of the whole company visits.  Prior to that, I didn’t know anyone.. I just had to go right then and there.

2. FORD Event: Don’t drink and drive

Bea and I were given a chance to be at the Ford event, we were tasked to be at the registration table for the media. One of the perks is getting to meet editors, writers and celebrities like Gino Rufino.


Gino Rufino

3. Watsons Summer Shindig

I had a great experience because I got the talk to the photographers and media people. More than that, I super love WATSONS and their products ( my friends would testify to this!) anyway, Bea and I were tasked to be a guide to the media people as they tour each station.

It was a great training especially if I wanted to pursue a career in media relations someday.


More than these events and tasks,  I would never forget the Ogilvy PR way of  making their interns feel special in their own way.

Like birthday treats! ..

sweet messages..


birthday card

goodbye card

advices from Marco, particularly about boys 😀


with Marco Sindiong

She’s lessons and tips,  office hours would be boring without her and her perkiness. 🙂



Hanna and Pam’s sweet smiles

and the overall experience! I would never forget She’s advice to me when we were media monitoring one morning, she said: ” You have to be street smart”. I realized that I am not expected to know everything, I just need to learn from those who experienced it already.  One word: LEARN!








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to those who helped me with my blog,

to those who gave comments. It’s just amazing guys!

to those who linked my blog to your friends

to those who found time to visit  my blog everyday and saved the link. 🙂 you can visit it anytime you want. :))

to those who never grew tired of reading my humble posts.

to GOD for giving me the confidence and wisdom. You rock. 🙂

From now on, I would also be including personal blogs– yes straight from the heart (eh?) .  You would see posts of any subject I could think of writing. 🙂

I am giving my big hug!! Thank you Thank you.